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About City Charm

Community Support Pledge


City Charm believes in giving back to your communities. A portion of each collection's profits are donated to charities that serve these communities. Select “More Details” on the charm product page to find out which charity is helped by your purchase.


The Beginning


The City Charm Company creates charms that honor our community pride.

David Johnson – Former owner Tn’T Bakery, Homestyle Pies
Gary Brown – Owner Berks Digital Inc., Business Solutions Print Center
Justin Bortz – Owner Justin Bortz Jewelers and Midnight Swan Designs

Meet the founders of City Charm - Sterling silver charms representing your favorite city or townThe concept is the brain child of Justin Bortz. With the help of his business coach David Johnson, Justin successfully created a Sterling Silver charm series for his home town of Reading PA.

When Gary Brown approached Justin about his interest in the concept, Justin invited David (who also had a past coaching relationship with Gary) as a consultant. That fateful meeting in July 2012 resulted in the City Charm Company LLC.

With a passion for giving back to the communities in which they do business and an excitement for creating a National/International brand, they set out on a journey to create custom jewelry that sells itself through the emotional ties to the unique communities and images that are depicted.

To be continued…



City Charms: Sterling silver charms representing your favorite city or town


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